Weinert and Gosia

Our Approach

Our Approach

During our tenure in the real estate industry, we felt a void in the designer services and see the niche which Forever Luxury can provide. Apart from our easy 4 steps designer services, we have a niche in providing a connection access in furniture and we have a deep connection with our clients just like a part of our family.

Our Story

Our Story

We had a humble beginning when we first started Forever Luxury in 2013 coming from a real estate and hospitality experience. Along our journey, we met the right people and made the right connections in the designer services industry which created our firm foundation. As we begin to grow, we want to extend our connections to others creating a versatile portfolio of interior designers and in the home decor industry.

Meet the FL Team

Weinert and Gosia are the co-founders of Forever Luxury established in 2013. We are passionate in providing a next level of designer services and enable access to various lifestyle furnitures.


Weinert Perez

Co-Founder & CEO

Originally from Peru, Weinert have a lot to thank Vegas for all the opportunities since his move here in 2008. While the economy wasn't the best, he was able to thrive meeting great people and established Forever Luxury.


Gosia Kulwicka


Gosia originally from Poland and holds a Master Degree in International Relations moved to Vegas in 2008. Together with Weinert, Gosia worked in hospitality, law industry and real estate in 2012. When the opportunity came along in 2013, Forever Luxury was started.